Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Former Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky to receive Ibbetson Street Press Lifetime Achievement Award in Nov. 2007

Former national Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky will be the recipient of the Ibbetson Street Press Lifetime Achievement award, as part of the "Somerville News Writers Festival" (Nov. 11 2007) to be held at Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theatre in Davis Square, Somerville. Former winners were poets Robert K. Johnson, Jack Powers, former Grolier Poetry Book Shop owner Louisa Solano, and publisher David R. Godine, founder of "David R. Godine, Inc."

The (2007) "Somerville News Writers Festival" founded by Doug Holder and Tim Gager, will also include featured reader Tom Perrotta, poets: Sarah Hannah, Danielle Georges, Gloria Mindock and others to be announced. Over the last five years the festival has included such poets and writers as : Lan Samantha Chang, Franz Wright, Sue Miller, Steve Almond, Robert Olen Butler, Afaa Michael Weaver, Nick Flynn and
many others.

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  1. Pinsky was quite funny on the "Colbert Report" on April 19th. He did a skit with Stephen Colbert and Sean Penn. He was acting as the moderator in a duel of metaphors between Penn and Colbert over Penn's own graphically scatalogical metaphor for President Bush's Iraq policy.

  2. A truly rare convergence of pop culture and contemporary letters.