Monday, January 16, 2006

"the new renaissance" literary magazine

the new renaissance. 26 Heath Rd. #11 Arlington, Ma. 02474 $14.95 editor: Louise Reynolds

I am on the advisory board of tnr, so I guess I am biased. But let me tell you, Louise Reynolds puts out one hell of a magazine from her cramped apartment in Arlington, Mass. It is a glossy-covered, perfect-bound affair with high quality paper, artwork, prose, poetry, fiction, etc... Reynolds has been putting it out since the 70's. Whenever I talk to her she's scrambling for funds or such to keep this publication alive. In the current issue #37, there is an informative article by H. Gyde Lund and Ashbindu Singh titled: "Reining in on Rainforest Destruction," and some arresting etchings by Zevi Bloom. There is of course a fair sampling of fiction, essays,and poetry to be had as well. Being a poet I of course gravitated to the poetry section and the impressive roster of tnr poets. Daniel Tobin, the head of the Creative Writing Dept. at Emerson College in Boston, has a poem: "The Scream," that is a wonderful study of Munch's famed painting. Jay Baron Nicorvo's "Hot Knives," has a beautiful description of a heroin high that will send chills down your spine, and perhaps peak a perverse interest: " That high was/ walking a road/ through a dense wood, under a full moon, with cobwebs catching/ in our eyelashes/ without the wish to swat/ at the spider or shear/ the silk that wove across our vision." This is a magazine that is true to its mission of presenting ideas and opinions, with an emphasis on literature and the arts.

Doug Holder/ Ibbetson Update/ Jan. 2006/ Somerville, Mass

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to Tino Villaneuva! It's exciting to discover good poets I haven't read yet. Chella