Monday, August 08, 2005

I just talked to Maria McCarthy, an editor of the Ibbetson Street Press book division, and also co-founder of the well-regarded Heat City Review , about the Hugh Fox memoir she has been working on "Our Gang." It has been a slow and painstaking process edting this book, but Maria tells me she will have it ready for the printers by the first week in September. Steve Glines, the founder of The Wilderness House Retreat is going to get a print-on-demand presence for the book, and we hope to have it listed in the Ingram database. We will be also doing a hard copy run as well. Hugh Fox, is a founding editor of the Pushcart Prize, and a founding member of COSMEP, Committee of Small Press Magazine Editors and Publishers. This memoir, will deal with the personalities that Fox encountered in the world of the small press like: Richard Morris, Len Fulton, and Harry Smith, to name a few. We feel this will provide a valuable personal history of The Small Press of the past 40 years. Thanks--Doug Holder

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