Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Sunday Poet: Llyn Clague

Llyn Clague

 Llyn Clague's  poems have been published widely, including in Atlanta Review, Wisconsin Review, California Quarterly, Main Street Rag, The Avalon Literary Review, Ibbetson Street, Hiram Poetry Review, and other print and online magazines. His seventh book, Hard-Edged and Childlike, was published by Main Street Rag in 2014. Visit


The voices of the children
absorbed in a game of magic
skip and skitter onto the porch,
an abstract, free-verse music.
The sun, not yet above the green,
shines through gaps in the pines
onto bare brown earth and a lone birch,
its dead limbs crooked as bones.

On the porch there is a trinity
of screens, north, west, south, the house
behind, the outdoors a two seventy
spread out in front of me,
with an inch of faraway lake
visible below a wooded peak.
Cries of loon and grouse
drift through the air, creating
a fleeting sense of serenity.

The voices of the children
conscious only of game magic
skip and skitter like a brook
rapidly following gravity
to make its unique music,
rhythmic and fractally repetitive,
mesmerizing me like the bones
of a gambler going for broke

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