Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Hulk by Claire McCord

Claire McCord is from Westford, Massachusetts and she is currently a junior at Endicott College studying Nursing


The Hulk 

My eyes began to ache with fear as they were studying him. Well over six feet tall, buzz cut, chin strap and facial hair. His face was composed of large dark eyes and a tense chiseled jawline. It all made him seem that he was already angry. For this man, strong was an understatement. His white fitted tank top highlighted his arms, which were covered with tattoos and looked strong enough to single handedly beat up everyone on the unit. I am not sure of his name, but let's call him Hulk. After receiving his breakfast he slowly shuffled to his seat while eyeing all of the prey on the unit. Hulk's eyes then locked with mine, and I quickly darted my eyes in the opposite direction, pretending as if I had not just made an entire analysis on his character. “How am I going to make it through this day”, I thought. I have literally just arrived and I feel like I was just thrown into a den of hungry lions. I had heard the horror stories from older nursing students about how terrifying the psych clinical rotation can be. So naturally my senses were heightened and I was judging everyone and everything around me trying to analyze who to avoid. My instructor then thought of the genius idea to drag us into the room with Hulk himself. I scurried to a chunky green plastic chair located as far away from him as possible. I tried to distract myself from Hulk, and I gazed at the rest of the patients on the unit who all seemed pretty harmless and still half asleep. I mean, mandatory breakfast at 7:30 is pretty early. The room’s air was filled with a mix of smells from different breakfast foods, which collectively smelled pretty putrid. My eyes then locked back on Hulk. He was hunched over the table focusing intently on something, but I couldn’t tell what. I shifted my chair and leaned to the left to get a better look. Being strangled by Hulk’s massive hand was a little yellow colored pencil that he was using to meticulously shade in a sunflower. Hulk was completely locked in on coloring a picture of flowers in a meadow. I paused and laughed slightly. I guess I will survive here after all.

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